Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce and expose learners to a broad range of topics relative to risk-based planning for enterprise cybersecurity. It will focus on creating risk assessment and modeling approaches to solve cybersecurity issues so that organizations can build a security framework and sustain a healthy security posture. This course will analyze external and internal security threats, failed systems development and system processes and explores their respective risk mitigation solutions through policies, best practices, operational procedures and government regulations. Risk frameworks covered include NIST 800-53v4, NIST SP 800-30, SP 800-12, SP800-37, SP 800-39 and CERT/CC risk analysis guidelines.


  • Laptop – (With front-facing camera)
  • A positive spirit
  • Analytical MindSet
  • Grit


  • Analyze and apply risk controls from NIST 800-53 and Cybersecurity Risk framework.
  • Compare the systematic and strategic security management approach with an irregular and reactive one.
  • Describe the responsibilities and authority of the security function within the corporate infrastructure
  • Appraise the risk an organization faces from security breaches and create a mitigation plan framework to manage the risk.
  • Design an enterprise security plan that integrates policies, best practices, guidelines, procedures, regulations, and critical success factors.
    • Based on policies and implementation, define best practices for audits, assessment, and penetration testing of the security posture.
    • Construct a sensing, reporting, and monitoring approach to security management including key performance indicators.
  • Examine the responsibility of the security function to ensure compliance to national and international laws and regulations.
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