Establish your requirements before you start browsing


Establish your requirements before you start browsing

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our global society, none  more so than the education system. While many people are still stuck at  home and unable return to their jobs as social distancing standards remain in  place, many are looking to add skills and competencies to their resumes to  make resume upgrades or career moves that will ensure that they have  secure jobs as the coronavirus continues or to prepare for the next crisis  emerges.

Likewise corporations can train their employees on new skills or by refreshing  established ones in order to hit the ground running when business as usual  resumes.

The biggest problem with choosing an e-learning platform to utilize is not  understanding what a good one looks like. Since everything is done online,  the opportunity to drive to the shopping mall and test out the goods simply  does not exist.

With so many competitors in a crowded industry, making a bad choice on  your elearning platform won’t just cost you time and money, it can also dilute  the educational value of the courses you choose to take. That can have  ramifications that you are not even aware of until you start applying for jobs  or taking on new endeavors only to realize you were not given the proper  tools to do the work correctly.

So what criteria should you consider when looking through the myriad of  options online? Here are three that are musts for your consideration before  making a selection.

Establish your requirements before you start browsing

You don’t have to contort your needs to fit an offer. This is a buyer’s market  and the company that wants your business needs to be flexible to your needs.  Make sure you have everything you want laid out before you start soliciting  free trials and sales calls . Make sure the representatives know what you need and what you’re not interested in.

How are the courses delivered?

If there’s one old adage we can all agree on, it’s that everyone learns  differently. For some, a self-guided course is the best fit; for others they need  that live person on the other side of the screen to make the connection and  ask their most important questions. A platform like Kweli Solutions rises to


the top of the heap here because it offers both recorded courses and live  interactions with world-class professors for a more in-depth style of learning.

Quality, not quantity

Some elearning platforms will try and dazzle you with how many courses  they have to offer, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plenty of elearning  platforms have had the same core set of courses available since Day 1, and try  to sway customers their way with that big bold number on their website.  When you’re perusing their course catalog, make sure you are looking at the  dates courses were added, not just the number of titles. Having four courses  on website design is all well and good, but if the “newest” one is from 2012,  there’s very little value. Make sure that the platform you choose has recent  titles and is making consistent updates so you’re getting the newest, most  relevant courses.

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