COVID-19 Increases Demand For Tech Workers While Exposing Cybersecurity Shortcomings


COVID-19 Increases Demand For Tech Workers While Exposing Cybersecurity Shortcomings

With millions of cybersecurity positions unfilled, America’s remote workforce remains at risk

COVID-19 has completely upended work as we know it.  More than half of the American workforce now works remotely[1], with many companies planning to do so for the remainder of 2020[2].  Conference room meetings and coffee chats have been replaced by virtual gatherings, leading to explosive growth for communication apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams[3], and Zoom[4].  Tech was already a huge part of our daily lives, but now more than ever, these apps aren’t optional – they’re essential.

As a result, the tech sector has seen increased hiring demand, even as U.S. unemployment reaches record levels not seen since The Great Depression[5].  Companies like Oracle, Red Hat, LiveArea, and Salesforce are actively searching for workers[6], and some of the greatest need is for roles like computer use specialists, support desk specialists, and other IT-related positions[7]. Some experts predict that, even against the backdrop of the pandemic, 95,400 IT jobs will be created by year’s end[8].

There’s one IT category, however, where demand is high but the talent pool is slim – cybersecurity.

Increased online activity means increased need for online security

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